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Measure, Order, & Install

Select inside or outside mount

  • Inside mounted blinds are installed within your window frame and provide a clean, custom look. This is also a good option if you do not wish to cover the window moldings.
  • Outside mounted blinds are installed on your wall or molding surrounding the window and can make a window appear larger. It is also a solution when the window is not deep enough for an inside mount.

Considerations in choosing inside mount vs. outside mount

Frame Depth

Frame Depth

Inside mount requires a minimum mounting depth within your frame. If your frame isn’t deep enough for the style you’ve chosen, use Outside Mount.



Obstacles such as window handles or cranks can interfere with the operation of your inside mount treatment, consider Outside Mount.



For Inside Mount your window should be square, if not, your treatment will not hang or operate properly. Check for squareness by measuring diagonally in both directions. If measurements differ by more than ½”, consider Outside Mount.

Surface Area Above Window

surface area above window

Outside Mount requires a minimum mounting surface above your window or on the window frame for installation brackets. Each product type has a recommended amount of overlap on each side of the window to allow for best coverage and privacy. See individual measure instructions for recommended overlap.

Stack Space

stack space

See individual measure instructions for Product Stacking Height or Width to determine the area your window treatment will cover when fully open.

Light Gap

light gap

A small deduction in width and/or length is taken by the factory to allow for proper operating clearance when mounting inside. This causes a small gap on each side of the window covering affecting the blind or shade's ability to darken a room. Shades with a continuous loop control will have a larger gap on the control side. For optimal light control, outside mount is recommended or you may add a secondary window treatment such as draperies to hide the light gap. See individual measure instructions for deductions.

Installation Instructions

Horizontal ShadingsWood & Fauxwood BlindsNatural ShadesNatural Specialty Shades

Panel TracksRemote Lift Horizontal Shadings pdf iconRoller Shades pdf iconTwinLight Shades

pdf iconDual Roller Shades Vertical BlindsVertical Shadings





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